Yugioh has been a small part of my life, but for many years. Growing up, I watched the anime, and of course had the cards. I never really played for real because the were mostly reject cards from the neighbor kids. Until about 2 months ago.

I got the fairly new app Yugioh Duel Links not long after it came out. I honestly still suck at the game, but I actually understand how to play and the basic rules of the game, things I never really knew growing up. Ironically, the anime is pretty inaccurate regarding actual game play, but there are certain things that I have learned or found funny because I have watched the shows.

So, about the game, I would totally reccomend it to fans of the original game/show or to people that aren’t but still want a fun game to play. Even though the game play is a bit different than the original, having only 3 monster and spell/trap slots, there is still a lot of strategy you put into the game. 

I was the first of quite a few school friends that play the game too, so we ocassionally duel each other when we are bored at the end of class. My record is pretty solid, winning a little more than half of my duels with friends. It’s super fun and works on school wifi, so it’s even better!

In pvp, I use my Mai deck, which uses mostly machine type monsters and the aroma therapy skill. It is fairly effective, except for the fact that there is no field spell for machine monsters, and if I go against Mako, I am essentially screwed. I am trying to create a Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon deck, because I finally got all of the parts required, but I don’t have enough dragons to create an effective dragon deck yet. I have been buying card packs to try and get more, but I ran out of gems and can’t do anything. I am working on leveling up my characters more for more gems.

I am really excited for the event that is out right now. Bakura is one of my favorite characters, and I can’t wait until I get enough points to unlock him. As I (think I) said before, I am actually pretty bad at this game, so it will take some time, but it will happen eventually.

My character name is TacoCheese44 if you want to friend me or duel me!


I got a job!!

After months of applying to places, my cries have been heard!!!

I am 18 but this is going to be my first job. Every year before this that I was the legal age to work I had been too busy with softball multiple times a week, plus other extracurriculars, there would have been no way for me to hold a job at the same time. 

I set off on my quest last November after the band season ended and had no luck with any of the places I applied to. Nobody would call me back about anything I sent. One of my friends tried to recruit me to work with him and some other friends at Deirbergs, but I didn’t want to pay union fees and they wouldn’t have given me the position I applied for, so I declined. The main reason I declined, though, was because I had just sent in another application to a place that I was expecting to hear from, but they never called me back either. So I was stuck once again without a job.

Then 2 Fridays ago I was shoping for the spring break trip when I get a call. They said “I found your application in our database. Are you still looking for a job” and I was like “Yeah! Sign me up!”(of course in a more polite and professional manner) and here we are! My first day is Saturday and I am super excited!

Spring Break 2017 Pt 2

We rode charter busses down to Florida, and the rides were a real pain. Going down, we weren’t allowed off to use the restrooms at rest stops, or anywhere else, only on the bus. The ride was 16 hours or so long, and we traveled mostly at night, so we could do nothing but sleep, but it was really hard and uncomfortable to sleep, so I stayed awake for most of the time. We watched 3 movies in total, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Bee Movie, and Saving Mr. Banks. The only one that I had watched before was The Bee Move, which my brother and I brought only for the memes, but I had been wanting to watch Saving Mr. Banks since it came out, but I never got the chance to. Anyways, we stopped for only fast food along the way, and with over 2oo people at 2 or 3 restaurants, the waits were terrible. I feel so bad for those stores that were not expecting to be swamped with high schoolers all ordering different things.

Every day we were down there was cold for Florida standards. Most days it warmed up a bit in the afternoon, but in the morning when we would get up it would be 30-40 degrees. We got 3 shirts with the trip in anticipation for it being warmer, 2 short sleeve dry fit shirts and one long sleeve cotton shirt. I felt it would have been better if we had gotten 2 long sleeves and one short with the conditions that we had. We had the chance to go into the ocean 2 of the days, but it was too cold to actually get into the water and not almost get hypothermia. The first day my friends coerced me into going about half way in to the water for a couple of minutes. They stayed in longer and fully submerged themselves, which they later regretted and I could tell them “I told you so.”

Because we had so many people on the trip this year, over 200, we had to split up genders into a church retreat and a half run down hotel for sleeping arrangements. The girls got the hotel, which wasn’t super great. I was in a room with 2 of my friends and a sophomore girl that none of us knew. Some of the rooms were better than others, and we got the short end of the stick with ours. We had to borrow wifi that didn’t really work from the place next door and we had no cable TV, even though other rooms did. I didn’t complain too badly, though, because I knew the circumstances of getting the rooms cheaply to keep the price of the trip low(ish).

One of the nights the town we were working at had a shrimp boil for us, which was super tasty. My friends said they felt like the cajun spices were really spicy, but it was the perfect spice for me. They had shrimp that we had to peel ourselves, super tasty sausage, kind of bland potatoes, and really good corn on the cob that had spices rubbed into it, pickles, and rolls. The corn and sausage were my favorites, but the shrimp was super tasty too.

Overall it was a super fun trip, even if everything wasn’t ideal all of the time. I hope I can continue to do service trips when I am in college or older, because they are really fun bonding experiences.

Spring Break 2017 Pt 1

I finally have internet again, so I can write about the past week, which was my spring break.

Every year for the past 6 years, my school has hosted a service trip during spring break for students to help clean up after natural disasters. I have taken part in the trip every year since I have been in high school, this one being my 4th trip. Instead of going to a spot that had been hit by a disaster this year, we went to a very poor city in Florida and helped clean up the community. I had a lot of fun, even though there were a lot of changes in schedules and compromises. Though some of the people in charge said that it was their most organized year, it really wasn’t.

We had 3 work days, and 2 of them my group spent the time picking up trash around the community. There is a real dumping problem that the people have, so we found a lot of big things. Over those 2 days we found probably 20 or so car tires, 3 doors, a couple of reclining chairs, a couple of old TVs, hundreds of alcohol bottles, and lots more other things. The last day was more leisurely because they ran out of stuff for us to do in the neighborhoods, so we worked in the mayor’s office. The first half of the day I spent organizing diapers and feminine products in the food pantry connected and the second half I spent making holiday cards for people who don’t get cards during the holiday season.

The people in my group were a lot of fun. It was a group of all upper classmen, so I knew almost everyone, but I never really had a chance to talk to some of them. At lunch every day we had a sing-along to different songs, which was fun to be a part of. There was a lot of joking with some of the things that we found when we were cleaning, so overall it was really fun.

6th grade poems

My brother is cleaning off the computer desk downstairs today to set up his new desk. While looking through stuff, I found a bunch of old CD games that I am going to keep and a booklet of poems that I had to write for language arts in 6th grade. Some of them are very bad, while there are others that I really loved. We were required to write 10 different types of poems out of the 15 or so formats we were given, so I will share 9 of them, the other two were actually about me, and I don’t really want to share them (and yes, I know the math seems wrong, but we were required to write 2 haikus if we chose to do haiku).

Hyperbole-My worst day

  • I was as bored as ever
  • It was raining cats and dogs outside
  • My brother was annoying me to death
  • I told him twenty-billion times to stop but he never did
  • This had to be the worst day of my life

Repetition-I wish I had a pet

  • I wish I had a pet
  • A cute and fluffy puppy
  • I wish I had a pet
  • A smart and sassy cat
  • I wish I had a pet
  • But all I have is a rock

Haiku-The flower

  • Delicate to touch
  • I am beautiful to see
  • They smell really sweet

The crawfish

  • Really pointy claws
  • I am often redish gray
  • I like to be wet

Diamonite-Fish to Bird

  • Fish
  • Delicate, carefree
  • Swimming, swishing, splashing
  • Trout, sunfish, falcon eagle
  • Flying, hunting, soaring
  • Fierce, cunning
  • Bird

Chain of Similes-Magic is a mystery

  • Magic is like a mystery
  • A mystery is like a book
  • A book is like an adventure
  • An adventure is like a dragon
  • A dragon is like magic

Limerick-The awkward date

  • My best friend met a person named Ty
  • Who had a cool looking bow tie
  • He asked her to go on a date
  • But of course he came late
  • Now she will never hang out with a guy


  • Pretty butterfly
  • Fly up in the big blue sky
  • So that all can see
  • Through your large amount of grace
  • What you really mean to me

This last poem is one of my favorite poems that I have ever written. However, it is a concrete poem, which means that the poem is shaped like an object, in this case a kite, so I can’t really share the entire effect of this. I will try to create the diamond shape, but the last line is part of the string of the kite, so I can’t really wind around the text. Without further ado, I give you the partially shaped…

The Kite

  • The
  • Kite
  • Flying
  • Through
  • The sky. If
  • You let go it
  • Soars to the clouds,
  • The wind taking
  • It where ever
  • To whomever
  • Finds your
  • Kite
  • And
  • Sets it free again. Hoping to get back to you.

So, I guess my 6th grade teacher didn’t take points off for miss spelled words, because there were a LOT, which didn’t surprise me at all. I have dyslexia and around late elementary school and early middle school I struggled extra had with spelling.

I hope you enjoyed

Hectic Weekend

So, I had a full, but fun weekend. It started Friday night when my friends and I had poker night. I lost $2 out of the 3 I used, so it wasn’t to bad of a loss. Whenever my friends and I have a night like that, we usually spend half of the time watching “dank” videos on YouTube from my friend’s projector screen. Some of the new videos were pretty funny, which is odd because my cousin isn’t good at finding good videos.

Saturday I took the ACT again, which sucked. I really didn’t want to take it again, but my GPA didn’t go up as high as I thought it would after last semester, so I had to try to get one score higher. My mom was being super stressed about me taking it again and kept asking every day for the past 2 weeks if I was studying for it. Of course I was, just not at the pace she wanted me to. She almost didn’t let me go to poker night but my dad was all “its good to have time to relax before the test.” My dad was super chill about everything.

I feel kind of confident with my answers for all of the sections except for math, but that isn’t a surprise. I don’t see how requiring a question a minute is a good representation of a person’s math ability. I am fine at math, most of the time, but I am just not fast at it, so that part always kills my score. I was really excited about one of the passages in the science section because it was all about things I learned last semester in my geoscience class, so I basically scanned the content and answered the questions in 3 minutes.

That night I volunteered at a daddy daughter dance at a church with girl scouts. This was my third year doing it, and it is always a really fun time. The DJ is my 5th grade teacher’s husband, and she came last year. This year Dr. Ramsey came with his daughter, but I don’t think he noticed me because I straightened my hair (and he’s not my principal). Anyways, it is always so fun and the little girls are always so cute. I am always stationed at the corsage table, so I get to see everyone when they come in. I am obsessed with little girl dresses, because they are all so adorable. There was this one girl who had 10 or so bows in her hair and it was so precious. We recommended a bunch of old school dance songs that most of the little girls didn’t know, but we had a blast dancing to them. My friend Jaime and I were the only ones who knew how to do the hand jive. Anyways, I went home after that and ended up watching part of this Hallmark channel valentines movie that my mom was watching, and then Legally Blonde even though I was super tired.

This morning I have a meeting with girl scouts for a program that my friends and I run. They changed the time a few times so I ended up at Bread co. an hour early and am typing this while I am waiting. It’s almost time for people to get here, so I think I am going to wrap up here. Or not. I am possibly going to watch the Lego Batman movie today, but I don’t know yet. My cousin asked our group the other day, but we never got a definite answer, so who knows. I am super tired right now. For some reason I woke up at 6 something even though I went to bed past midnight and could have slept in. OK, people are here now, so I am going to stop typing.

My Bio

This is my bio for creative writing class. Please edit it if you want to. I changed my name because why not.

Timothy is just your average band kid; she plays two instruments and spends most of her time listening to music. Her obsession with fictional characters inspires her love for reading and writing. Timothy dreams of a career where she can continue to pursue her hobbies.